Digging Deeper

An East Neuk-based fisherman for 30 years, experienced seafood specialist and Pittenweem In Bloom award-winning gardener and maker, Jim Knox is a local man whose entire life has been shaped by Soil and Surf.

For decades, he has moved back and forth between the two elements: deep sea fishing, running a successful gardening business, skippering creel boats and specialising in hand-prepared shellfish.  Now, his work is anchored to the best of both worlds. 

Whether hauling in creels, planting flowers, showcasing delicious seafood, beachcombing, harvesting his allotment, giving demonstrations or handcrafting flotsam into outdoor furniture, Jim brings his passion for the North Sea and the East Neuk coastline to everything he does.

Ruggedly dressed in his signature yellow wellies - and with essential tools of the trade - Jim Knox will also bring you engaging stories of sea fishing, catching in creels, seasonality, growing-your-own, sustainability and down-to-earth insights on creative gardening and coastal living. Jim's approach is refreshing, honest and entertaining - perfect ingredients for an inspirational East Neuk experience.

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